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campingplatz - feriendorf
AddrStraße: Marina di Tertenia, LocalitÓ Tesonis N. snc
CittaLokalität: Tertenia (Ogliastra) [Sardegna]
TelTelefon:+39 0782909014
TelTelef. im Winter:+39 3355292487
FaxFax : +39 0782209780

GPS position in TuttoCitta' maps

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Weitere Operation:
- GPS position in Google maps

GPS position in degrees, minutes, seconds:
N 39° 42' 10.710'' E 9° 39' 56.100''

GPS position in decimal degrees:
N 39.70297° E 9.66558°

Calculate a route, driving directions:

Using the following links is possible to calculate a route for the property desired, insert the starting address and the destination address of the property shown on top of this page.

- Via Michelin
- Yahoo Mappe per l'Italia
- Map 24

Instruction on how to insert the GPS position on the TOM TOM ONE:
Click in the middle of the screen

Click on 'Sail on'

Click on the arrow on the right

Click on 'Latitude and Longitude'

Insert N 39° 42' 10.710''

Insert E 9° 39' 56.100''

Click on 'Done'

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- GPS position in Google maps
- GPS position in TuttoCitta' maps
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