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Follows a list of the more frequent questions.

Question: Why some campsites are adviced as near to others but in the reality it is difficult to reach them, because there is a river, etc. ?
Answer: Because the distances are computed 'as the crow flies' without considering sea, river, mountain, ecc ...

Question: How much reliable are the information of Easy Camping ?
Answer: The information is modified by the owner of the property, sometimes they are not updated, for this reason it is better to phone the property to check

Question: What is the recommended browser ?
Answer: Internet Explorer from version 5.5, Firefox from version 1.0, Netscape from version 4.0.

Question: Sometimes clicking on a regional map I got campsites that stay in different regions, why ?
Answer: This happen becouse campsites from different regions can have the same distance from the point the user click. For example if you click on the border lane between tho regions you will obtain a list of campsites mixed from the two region.

Question: If I'm looking for a property in a particular town, should I click on the town name ?
Answer: No, you should click on the town position that usually is signaled with a dot on the map.

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