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o Insertion of a recommendation on the property I Pini family Park
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If you had an unforgettable stay at the property I Pini family Park and you would like to recommend it to others visitors, you can fill in the form and follow the next steps.

campsite - fun fair park
AddrAddress: Via delle Sassete, - Loc. Fiano Romano N. 28
CittaLocality: Roma (Roma) [Lazio]
TelTelephone:+39 0765 453349
FaxFax : +39 0765 1890941
Information about You (optional):

First name:
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Some consideration:

Prices -+
Nice place to see around -+
Bustle (made by enlivener) -+
Utilities -+
Utilities cleanining -+
Shaded -+
Management helpfull -+
Comfortable -+
Silent during the night -+
Secure -+
Good for meeting new people -+
Good for campers (motorhome) -+
Good for families with children -+
NOTE: Clic on the circles, the value in the middle means sufficient, near the sign '-' means worse, near the sign '+' means better.

I recommend to:
Ex.: Sea lovers.

I recommend it because:
Ex.: Great Service.

I recommend the locality because:
Ex.: Beautiful sea.

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