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o Insertion of a recommendation on the property La Playa
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If you had an unforgettable stay at the property La Playa and you would like to recommend it to others visitors, you can fill in the form and follow the next steps.

AddrAddress: Lungomare Nord - Makarska
CittaLocality: Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo) [Abruzzo]
TelTelephone:+39 085 8944349
TelWinter Telephone:+39 085 8996125
FaxFax : +39 085 8944349
Information about You (optional):

First name:
Last name:
NOTE: The E-mail field will be not visible to the users (and to the spammers).

Some consideration:

Prices -+
Nice place to see around -+
Bustle (made by enlivener) -+
Utilities -+
Utilities cleanining -+
Shaded -+
Management helpfull -+
Comfortable -+
Silent during the night -+
Secure -+
Good for meeting new people -+
Good for campers (motorhome) -+
Good for families with children -+
NOTE: Clic on the circles, the value in the middle means sufficient, near the sign '-' means worse, near the sign '+' means better.

I recommend to:
Ex.: Sea lovers.

I recommend it because:
Ex.: Great Service.

I recommend the locality because:
Ex.: Beautiful sea.

/cgi-bin/i_ricerca.pl?LiN=e&n_x=s&primo_richiamo=s The inserted recomendation will be checked by EasyCamping staff to verify that are inserted by a visitor.

/cgi-bin/i_ricerca.pl?LiN=e&n_x=s&primo_richiamo=s If a recomandation was inserted by the property owner or from a person working in the property then the recomendation will be removed and the structure will be removed from EasyCamping guide.

/cgi-bin/i_ricerca.pl?LiN=e&n_x=s&primo_richiamo=s The IP address of this connection is traced for monitoring the system and for statistical purposes.

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